Litany For Those With Difficult Families

Oh God, you have brought us near to You, into Your family as
Sons and Daughters
Brothers and Sisters of Christ Jesus
Under divine parentage.

We call you now:

Even though we are often an unfaithful, giving-up, hope-is-lost, wayward-looking, grace-forgetting family,
Your patience with us is endless;
Your love, boundless;
Your faithfulness, sky-stretching.

Where we have failed, You are faultless.
Where our families have disappointed or hurt us, we look to you for comfort and healing.

In taking upon himself our wounds, our Brother-Jesus has offered to us
Balm-in-Gilead-presence-of-God-here-and-now-soul-healing Rest,
and we take hold of it now, fiercely, as a baby clings to its mother.

May we now un-clench our hands from about our wounds and let our wise healer do His
binding-up-knitting-together-breathing-deeply-reconciliation-peace Work,
knowing we are safe and cherished in the presence of One-Who-Loves-Us.