From the Book: Litany for Looking After Each Other

MY FIRST-EVER VIDEO READING! I feel like doing some readings lately. So here's a reading of a litany from my upcoming book _Call and Response: Litanies for Congregational Prayer_.

I've been working on it non-stop (well, around pastoring, parenting, and life-maintenance)! I just keep thinking of things I want to add. Editing is long. Litanies have a lot of punctuation. And I am slow and think way too much about things.

In the meantime, if you want to support my work you can do so at  . At this point, my Patreon mainly subsidizes a few hours of childcare so I can write more litanies and edit the book. Worth it! But I've got dreams.

As always, if you have specific litanies you'd like to see birthed into the world, send me themes, topics, issues, etc. And take videos! I love to see your congregations in action!

Thanks for subscribing and reading. Thanks for praying along. And thanks for being rays of love and light in the world.