Prayers for Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, Mexico and India

Here are some prayers to pray in your groups or congregations for the people in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Mexico whose lives have been dramatically affected by hurricanes and earthquakes, and those in India where 1200 people have died from major flooding. Please pray aloud together in your congregations. I believe the act of praying aloud together breeds compassion and action in our communities.

LITANY FOR NATURAL DISASTER 2 (originally published as Litany for Haiti)
*substitute location name as needed

God, author of Creation
Giver of Life:
We call upon your mercy and compassion now.
We pray for the people of *Puerto Rico*.

We pray for the hearts of the world
To be moved with compassion
We pray for the feet and hands of the world, ourselves included,
To be moved to help.

Where there has been devastation,
Bring renewal.
Where there is suffering,
Bring comfort
Where there is need
Bring provision.

The world has great need of the mercy of God
As demonstrated by Christ,
As demonstrated by the global Church
As demonstrated by individuals.
May your spirit alight on that place as never before,
Bringing life where death has reigned.

We pray for *Puerto Rico*
For your kingdom come
Your will be done,
In *Puerto Rico* as it is in heaven.




Litany for Natural Disaster

Litany for Post-Disaster Trauma

FOLLOWING A NATURAL DISASTER (an Anglican prayer via)
God of Creation,
you set our lives on a planet
where both beauty and danger are found.
Hear our prayers for those who have been overcome
by disastrous [famine/flood/earthquake/fire] in [place].
Help heal the pain of those who are injured.
Strengthen with your presence
all who are numb with fear and distress.
Guide those who anxiously search or wait. Amen.

from Service Book for the Use of Ministers by the United Church of Canada,
United Church Publishing House, 1969.

LITANY IN RESPONSE TO A NATURAL DISASTER (this one is longer and more formal, but nice and thorough) by William (Chip) Stokes