Litany for Reign of Christ (Proper 29, Year B)

This litany is inspired by a reading of the Lectionary passages for Reign of Christ Sunday.

Christ, we honor you,
The faithful witness,
The firstborn of the dead,
The ruler of the rulers of the earth.
You who love us and freed us from our sins -
We honor you  (1).

For you have inspired us and taught us
You have revolutionized our lives.
You have enlivened our hearts.
You have exemplified and embodied Love.

In your wisdom you made us to be a kingdom
A community of priests (2).
And your rule is forever;
Your peace, your goodness, unending.

You came to testify to the truth (3)
The truth of God’s loving nature.
And we who listen to your voice
Also make this testimony
With our voices
With our actions
With our being -
That God is Love.

Love has established the world
And it shall not be moved (4).


  1. Revelation 1:5

  2. Revelation 1:6

  3. John 18:37

  4. Psalm 93:1