Litany for Journalists

God, we bring before you now those brothers and sisters
Who work to bring us news about the world we live in.
They are in a time when they must double down their efforts
To dig deep and bring truth to light.

Merciful God, protect them
Bring them help and respite,
Care for them
And for their families
Let no evil harm them,
And no foe alarm them.

When enemies line up to hurl insults
Give them blessedly deaf ears.
When world leaders malign their efforts,
Give them proof of their worth.
When exhaustion sets in,
Give them reliable friends and allies to help.
When they are tempted to bait clicks with sensationalism
Give them firm resolve and ethics.

Let truth and transparency be their guideposts.
Let freedom and civil liberty light their way.
Let insight and analysis spur them on.
Let strength and nobility characterize their work.