Litany for Fake News

God, we know that you desire truth in our innermost beings,
And you teach wisdom to our secret hearts (1).
We know that you detest lying lips,
But delight in people who are trustworthy (2).

All around us, fools conceal hatred with lies,
And spread slander (3),
So much so that we have trouble knowing what's what.
Keep us from temptation, and deliver us from evil;
Give us discernment and wisdom
That we might not mistakenly take part in spreading falsehoods.

Help us to be resolutely truthful -
Beacons of reliability where distrust abounds;
Anchored to truth in every circumstance,
Even when the truth is inconvenient or distasteful.

And stand connected with us in our every interaction
Both in person and in the digital world
So that we can respond with calm resolve,
     With patient listening,
     With merciful understanding,
     With compassionate love,
     With firm knowledge,
     And restrained opinion;
To every friend
And every perceived enemy.

We know that you require us to speak truth from our hearts (4).
We commit ourselves to spreading Good News to all.



(1) Psalm 51:6
(2) Proverbs 12:22
(3) Proverbs 10:18
(4) Psalm 15:2