Litany for Meditation

Meditation has become in the last couple of years the single most spiritually enriching practice I do. Many Christian traditions refer to it as Centering Prayer. It takes patience to learn, but pays for itself many-fold. I don't intend for this litany to be a stand-alone meditation. I mean for it be a preamble to silent meditation/prayer. You can obviously do what you will with it, but this is what I envision.

We are beings, existing in the Universe,
Beholding God.

We can see you in the design of Nature,
     The cosmos,
     The creatures,
     Each other,

Let us go to our inmost being
And be as we are:
     Deeply spiritual
     Deeply human
     Temporally minded
     Eternally conscious

Let us connect with the spark of you that is there
Waiting to be rediscovered
Waiting to be fanned into flame.

Set us aright
In our connection to you, loving Life-giver, Instigator of Goodness;
Plus us in to the circuitry of your Spirit.

Set us aright
As conscious souls in the midst of a conscious universe
Created by a Great Intelligence: You, the Force of Love.

Set us aright:
Among creation, among ecosystems, climates, and cultures,
As participants, care-givers, co-creators.

Set us aright:
As spiritual beings inside corporeal bodies, dust and breath.
Give to us health and connectedness, wholeness, and joy in existing.

Set us aright:
As a human family,
Making peace and learning to love another despite earthly differences.

Set us aright:
As members of the Body of Christ on Earth;
As a productive, cohesive unit, desiring love and wisdom for all.

Set us aright:
As reflectors of you;
As God-bearers, God-perceivers, and God-receivers.

Set us aright:
Here in our inmost beings,
Still and quiet before you --
Opening to your light.